Since more than 30 years we have designed,
built and sold equipments for the PCB industry worldwide.

Today we continue our tradition supplying equipment and technologies
with innovation and attention to new market demands.


the most modern and up-to-date for the production of advanced printed circuits boards.


constantly built in over 30 years through a deep knowledge of the various steps in PCB fabrication.


HF Pulse Bonding machines

ITC Gmbh

Hole Plugging and Spray Coating Machines


Softwares and tools for impedance control


Controlled Impedance Testers

A.S.S. Luippold

Automation for PCB fabrication

Notion Systems

Ink Jet Solder mask printers

Pulse Fluidant

3D conductive ink printers

Plasma Etch

Plasma Machines


UV and CO2 Laser Drilling


Blades and spare parts for scoring machines

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