Our History

It was June 1983 when we took our first steps into the world of printed circuit boards. It was a different, pioneering world, where there was everything to discover. Single and double-sided circuits were built and many of the latter were without plated holes.

In 1985 we made our first trip to China to attend a trade show with one of the worldwide first universal grid bare board testers. It was a very different China. In Beijing there were very few cars and lots of bicycles. We brought a 400 kg machine into the fair by hand with the help of local volunteers because there were no forklifts.

Since then it has been an exciting ride up to the present day going through practically all the production processes of PCBs following an evolution of technology that is nothing short of fantastic.

We invented, designed and built machinery which we then sold, installed and supported on all five continents.

Today we have brought together under a single brand some of the best technologies available for the production of printed circuit boards. DALLCO is recognized as a valuable partner and supplier of high tech technologies all over the world.